Proper Landscape Lighting Design makes all the difference when accentuating a house, and the quality of materials and installation is critical to making something that lasts a lifetime. We offer heavy all copper fixtures with high performance, warm-white LED lighting; as well as solid brass fixtures. We control the angle width and outputs of our spot lights and path lights based on bulb selection to give you a stunning illumination. We have a rapidly growing list of satisfied customers all over the Triad, including (but not limited to) Greensboro, Oak Ridge,  Summerfield, Stokesdale, Jamestown, Kernersville, High Point, Brown Summit, Randleman, Asheboro, and more.

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Reasons to hire us for your lighting installation.

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on fixtures
  • Installation "labor" warranty of 1 full year... if anything fails within the first year, we will correct the issue... We have fewer than 1% call backs, usually something basic like a timer.
  • We install only solid oil rubbed brass and solid copper LED lighting systems... So when you state that we installed your lights, anyone that knows us KNOWS it is made to last a LIFETIME.
  • Our replaceable LED's generally last 20,000 to 50,000 hrs depending on bulb selection, which can give you up to 50 years of service per LED depending upon settings.
  • Fixtures are made in the USA
  • While we can do a photocell (especially if southern exposure of transformer location), we will often times use an astronomical timer, so you can automate dusk to dawn... or dusk to say 10:00pm?
  • CLEAN INSTALLATION & Frequent Installation Experience - We don't want the installation to just look "like some landscapers threw it together". We group wires into "hubs" to optimize voltage, and dig/tuck wires out of the way so they are unlikely to be cut years down the road. We see an incredible number of sloppy installations throughout the Triad, which while great for the service end of our business fixing other systems, simply isn't what we're trying to achieve. Our goal is for the only reason you to need us back out to be if you want more lights, or many years later if you need bulb replacements. Since we install LED copper/brass systems frequently, install them well with love, and do it with precise proposals, we believe you'll be ecstatic when you hire us for your outdoor landscape lighting project. Not only that, but since we install all types of landscaping, you don't have to say to the hardscape guys "hey wait! The lighting people need to put under-cap lights on that seat wall before you but the caps on!" We're a turnkey landscape installer and own up to our installations start to finish.