The Landscape Design phase

Depending on the scope of your project, a detailed landscape design may or may not be required. It does, however, bring great clarity to the proposed work to be completed & helps ensures everyone is on the same page. Especially with projects involving a broad scope of items to address, plantings, hardscapes (pavers, brick or stone walls, fire pits, etc.), it becomes increasingly crucial that a design be in place. If you already have a design great. If not, we will make that happen for you, whether we work with a landscape designer or landscape architect of your choice, or if we draft a design for you. In any case, we want the client to be at ease & create the most fluid experience possible with good communication on the forefront & a great finished product.

Sourcing the Plants

We want every job we do to have a degree of uniqueness. Consequently, most medium to large residential jobs have plants sourced from 5 to 6 nurseries from across the state of North Carolina & sometimes as far as Oregon. We carefully select plants that will do well in our climate as well as micro-climates created by shade from your house & existing trees and shrubs.