Seeding is an inexpensive way to establish a new lawn. The seeding should be done early enough in the growing season to allow the seed to develop a root and grow lush grass blades.

The other alternative is for a quick and healthy lawn, though more costly, is to lay sod. Grass sod is used when it is too late in the growing season for seed to take root, or if you require an instant lawn. We take great care when installing grass sod to ensure it takes root into the top soil below. 

Tall Fescue

  • Tall fescue is commonly seeded and installed in the Triad area. It is primarily noted for its ability to be green all year, though in the summer may require irrigation, and is fairly needy in terms of treatments, whether weed control or fertilizer.


  • Zoysia is exceptionally low maintenance and within a couple years tends to have very little requirements for weed control or fertilizer. It grows very densely and does best in 6+ hours of sunlight per day. It can be seeded. However, that is a slow way to go, often taking 2 to 3 years to establish. For that reason, sod is recommended. The primary draw back is that it goes dormant for the winter.